Varied Paths

Day 1 Part 2

Re-Equipping And Battle

After Kiera opened the door cautiously, Einar went out like a shot, silently scrambling out into the hallway. Kiera and EInar could hear steady, low breathing behind the door at the end of the first half-flight of stairs. After a brief look around the hall, seeing another door to the left of the one at the top, the party went quietly up the stairs until Cerise, pulling up the rear, tripped on a step with a loud thump. The party froze briefly and, hearing motion in the room ahead, Einar pulled the door to the left open and scurried inside. The rest of the party followed suit and closed the door behind them, placing a barrel in front of the door to hold it shut.

Ertai placed a hand on the barrel and quietly said some words in a language no one understood and stepped back, looking quite pleased with himself. “That will hold,” he said proudly. Turning around, he saw Einar already pulling things out of bags that looked they might belong to the party. Ertai, however, had more important things to do. He quickly went to the back of the room where he sensed Hannah was being held. Finding her in a cage, he released her and then returned to the party, finding them equipping their weaponry and finding Einar slipping into his armor.

Suddenly there were shouts outside the room as, apparently, the crew discovered their absence in the cell below. Moments later, the door shuddered as someone attempted to open it, but encountered the barrel holding the door shut. The door pulled back and then slammed open, sending the barrel flying across the room, forcing Einar to leap over it to avoid being flattened.

A crew member charged in the door and was promptly skewered by Cerise’s Soulblade. After a brief but heated exchange, the battle moved into the hallway and the three remaining were dispatched by the party. During the battle, Ertai spoke more word and cause electricity to spark from his hands into the crewmen, shocking them. Due to the noise level of the fight, before they even had a moment to catch their breaths or equip their armor, another group of crewmen were upon them.

With Einar diving and tumbling back and forth through the group of four who had approached them, the party had another battle in which Cerise and Kiera cut down those who stood against the group. Over the course of the fight, the crewmen shouted “Escape!” on three occasions. In battle, Tomas healed the wounds experienced by both fighters and cast a spell causing a crewman’s blade to become red hot and burn his hand, forcing him to drop the blade.



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