SOCIAL: The people of Lidar were once a welcoming people, performing a modest trade, mostly fishing, but some woodworking as well, with the city-state of Targus. Their town, located at the corner of a lush forest (The Forest of Agares), rolling hills, and a bay, has treated them well. Recently though, in the past 3 months, the town has been ravaged by a beast. They have become frightened of the woods, where the killings have occurred. Unfortunately, the main road out of town heads south right along the forest line. No one has gotten a good look at it, or if they did, they are now dead. All that is ever found of the beast’s victims is their heavily damaged remains. The victims have clearly been consumed.

TRADE: The Lidarians are willing to trade, though their supplies are limited outside of food and lodging. They accept either gold coins or the paper money of Ijen equally willingly. Gold, however, is worth slightly less (equal to ¾ normal value). The townspeople cannot use it as currency, but will trade it with those who can.

INFO: They feel they have no information to share. IF asked about surrounding geography, they will happily indicate the nearby towns of Caldar, Katar, & Unaran, as well as the names of the forest (which they will initially warn the group away from), Rasa Bay, Lake Ous, Tallar Bay, the North Branch, and the Traeme River. They indicate that the two inns of Katar have an ongoing competition from which travelers always benefit. (If asked for a recommendation, the players are given a mix of answers.) If they are convincing, they might hear rumors of a camp within the Forest of Agares, but no one will be able to give a name, location (other than “deep in the woods”), or who lives there. When asked specific questions about getting back to the other continent (Occulen), they will suggest Targus. If the PC’s indicate that as not really an option, they will seem very understanding, likely to everyone’s surprise if they did not give a particularly convincing reason. They would then suggest Caladash as a secondary option though they will indicate it is very far away, likely the better part of a month overland for a well supplied caravan or a week via trading ship. None of the trading ships will be willing to run the players to Caladash for less than 300 Ijen dollars (Significantly more than they can afford). Finally, if they mention the name Geinas, the people will visibly pale and will avoid the subject desperately. If pressed, they will mention the Master of The Wastes with fear in their voices and insist that the players not speak of him.

Pemtur – Husband of Brysiss. Runs the Inn in Lidar (The Gryphon Inn). Pleasant fellow, very nervous. Lost his only child, a son of 19 (Rem), to the beast while Rem was hunting.
Brysiss – Wife of Pemtur. Keeps the bar and food at the Gryphon. Very sad, but attempting to be stoic since they have customers. Not particularly nervous. Prone to gossip once the beast is dead.
Ballt – Runs the general store in Lidar. Sells fresh & dried food, hardtack, very common items, fishing equipment, etc. Prone to rumor at all times. Also knowledgeable about geography. Lost son (18 – Nihrad) to the beast. Very angry about it when the subject comes up. Blames himself, and it comes out in anger. Also has daughter (17 – Bryls), who helps out around the shop, and wife (Ryz).
Chodt – Blacksmith in Lidar. Sells common weapons & armor. Makes minor repairs for metal & leather belongings. Not prone to rumor at any time.
Loss – Mayor of Lidar. Under normal circumstances, has an excellent sense of humor about her name. Unfortunately, she has also lost one of her children to the beast. She had three children. Shirurn (24M), Soys (20F), & Cladph (16M). Will give information about surrounding geograpy and will be the one to offer the deal about transportation in exchange for killing the beast.
Lalsay – Primary trader with Targus. Obviously a highly capitalistic individual. However, he cares about his town and will willingly agree to Loss’s terms with the party. He will not demand recompense from her. He may try and convince the party to remember him for future trading.
Ostag’u – Staying at inn when party arrives. Very reticent to discuss anything about himself, but is willing to discuss geography and cities. Gives “quest” rumor about town in forest. Suggests that overland route to Caladash may take longer, but for those attempting to avoid detection, may be the better route as most port towns “have far too many ears and eyes.”


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